Oakland Polaroid Boudoir Photographer Portfolio

A polaroid boudoir photo on instant film of a woman in lingerie in a forest.An instant film boudoir photo, inspired by Andrew Wyeth, of a woman in lingerie in a field facing away from the cameraA Santa Cruz boudoir photo on instant polaroid film.A boudoir photo taken on Polaroid film in Albany, CA by a Bay Area boudoir photographer.A San Francisco boudoir photo taken of a woman in lingerie in a bedroom in Oakland, CA.A vintage instant boudoir photo shot on film in a bed & breakfast outside Albuquerque, NM.A mid-century-modern boudoir photo taken in Phoenix on film by a Phoenix boudoir photographer.A Malibu beach boudoir photo taken on Polaroid instant film on the beach at night.A beach lingerie photo shot in Malibu, CA for a Los Angeles boudoir photoshoot.A boudoir photo taken of a model near Point Richmond, CA.A photo from a nature boudoir shoot, taken on vintage instant film.A photo of a girl in a bustier and shirt at San Francisco City Hall.A Tahoe beach boudoir photo shot with a vintage camera on Polaroid film.A boudoir fashion photo taken on a golf cart in Phoenix, AZ by a Phoenix boudoir photographer who uses instant film.An image from a Berkeley boudoir photo shoot done on instant film.